Safety Measures

Here at first class we have made many changes to help reduce the risks of Covid-19. This has therefore changed our usual offer. Children are cared for in ‘bubbles’ of no more then 16 children of mixed ages. We ask that parent follow the guidlines we have put in place to ensure safety during this pandemic. 

Risk Assessment

If you wish to see a copy of our Covid-19 Risk assessment please email us and we can provide you with a copy. 

Return to Nursery

When returning to Nursery during this period parents are provided with a Return Agreement which must be signed before returning. This agreement is emailed when confirming your child’s booked sessions, you will also recieve what to expect on your return. 


Due to Covid-19 we made the desicion to close for a number of weeks, we have now reopended and have recieved some positive feedback from both staff and parents which can be seen below.

Staff Feedback:

“It’s fantastic being back at work. Was so nervous about going back to the unexpected but the children and ladies in my bugs bubble have been amazing”

“The children always put a smile on my face and have had positive feedback from all parents I have spoken too. So happy to be back”

“I’m enjoying being back at work as I missed the children so much , I feel safe and am happy with our new way of working”

“I did feel a little apprehensive about coming back to work but after reading the risk assessment and seeing what measures had been put in place I now feel confident and safe at work and feel that the other members of staff and children are safe too”

“We have all quickly adapted to the “new normal” and the measures that have been put in place. Our new routine is coming naturally to both staff and children and team morale couldn’t be higher”

“The children have been great! They have settled back into nursery really well and have been so happy”

Parents Feedback:

“I was so impressed today on my child’s return, well done for organising it so well. Thank you to your staff they are truly amazing. He had a brilliant day and very much looks forward to tomorrow. So glad we decided to let him come back”

“My child was telling me all about her day in the car and it sounded like she really enjoyed herself and had lots of fun. She especially liked seeing the snails again”

“My Child had a great day and can’t wait to return tomorrow”

“My Child had such a good day! So impressed with the measures you ladies have implemented. Keep up the fab work. Bet you’ll all sleep well tonight”

“I am happy to send them back because I know you will do everything to keep them safe”

“After much thought and a lovely chat on the phone, which put me at ease. I already knew how lovely everybody who works there are but was still nervous. He had a lovely time and tells me all the fun which he has had on the way home”

“I’m very happy bringing my Child back, he’s only done two days but each time has been excited to come which was easier for me to relax, he’s always told me he’s had a fun day and enjoyed the day”

Government Guidance

Please click here for the updated Government Guidance