Sessions & Prices

Our Sessions

We provide a variety of sessions to suit your needs:

Breakfast Club (Includes breakfast)7.30am-8am
Full Day (Includes lunch, tea and snacks)8am-5:30pm
AM session (Includes snack and lunch)8am-1.30pm
PM Session (Includes snack and tea)1:30pm-5:30pm

Please call or email for Prices.

All details including terms and conditions, fees, and privacy notices are included in this document. Please read carefully.

Government Funding

We provide funded places for 2 – 3 and 4 year olds (Extending to 9months – 2 years from September 2024) The 15 or 30 hour entitlement is offered over 51 weeks of the year (equating to 11 or 22 hours per week) additional hours attended are charged at an hourly rate. There is a consumable charge for funded only places. Our Funding options and details of our sessions can be found in our registration form (link above). 

Please visit

for information on the funding eligibility criteria and how to apply. You will also find useful information on other support available with child costs, such as the tax free child care scheme and universal credit support.