The impact of our curriculum delivery is measured in a number of ways.

On going observations and assessment of your child – These help us monitor progress of your child as well as supporting us to evaluate the quality of the learning provision we are offering. We constantly assess what we offer including, resources, layout of rooms, levels of engagement, staff interactions, and quality of teaching in all areas This helps us to ensure we are meeting the needs of all of the children in our care. We also measure our impact by seeing how well our pre school children are prepared for transition to school. We observe the values, skills and attitudes that have been embedded during their time with us, and the attributes that will continue to support them, as they continue along their lifelong learning journey.

On going development of the Nursery – We also use audit tools for our room assessments which Managers carry out regularly, which feed into room development plans to ensure we are continuously evaluating our practise. This self evaluation approach enables us to highlight our strengths and what we do well, but also identify areas for further improvement.